Ever been to SushiKo in Bakersfield, CA? If so, you've experienced the artistry and freshness of Sushiko's unique and colorful food. If you haven't tried it yet, we invite you to come join us and taste the freshness for yourself! Owner's Hye and Daniel are passionate about serving the Bakersfield community through the outlet that they know best, fresh seafood cuisine! They pride themselves on having the freshest fish in town which is delivered every three days and NEVER frozen! Hye and Daniel have been using their artistry to create some of the most beautiful sushi dishes in Kern County, attracting people from all over the Central Valley to gather with family friends and enjoy the experience at SushiKo. Equipped with knowledgeable sushi chefs and a friendly and helpful staff of waiters and waitresses, SushiKo is a positive experience all around from the moment you step in the door. It is Hye and Daniel's priority to make every person at Sushiko excited to come back again by creating a special restaurant atmosphere unlike any other.
               With the joy and passion that Hye and Daniel found through SushiKo, when the idea of Poke came to them, they couldn't turn it down. They decided to use their colorful food artistry and fresh quality seafood, and bring it into the new modern market of Poke. Little did they know, Bob Bell, the owner of the shopping center, Village at Towne Centre, downtown on 24th St. and L st. was looking to fill a vacancy with a Poke restaurant. It was meant to be from the first meeting and soon after, plans were drawn and construction began! 24th Street Poke opened in January of 2018 and has been serving the Bakersfield community the freshest and healthiest Poke bowls in town, with the fish coming in fresh every three days and nothing is ever frozen! Hye and Daniel consider it a privelage to now own two different restaurants where they can use their passions to serve the Bakersfield community and they appreciate all the support of local residents who frequently visit both SushiKo and 24th Street Poke!